Mission Statement: Auburn OBOC promotes community literacy through a series of annual events based upon the recent work of an author who comes to Auburn for a live interview.

Vision Statement:

  • Get Auburn area people to come together around a book to discuss its merits, insights, errors, misconceptions, or whatever.

  • Celebrate our community.

  • Help people learn more about their region and what makes it the place it is today.

  • Literacy in general with a focus on the greater Auburn area.

  • Bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to read, listen, learn, and talk to each other about events and issues that are important to our community.

  • Read critically.

  • Formal demonstration of Rotary’s commitment to literacy.

Selection of Books: Before the end of May, we would provide a list of recommended books to the board. Then in August hone the list to two or three books; selection in Sept. The community will have an opportunity to suggest books on the website.

Financial Support: Sustain the present financial support with PUHSD, Placer County of Education, Sierra College, Placer Library, and Rotary.  Rotary would continue its role in being the primary accountant for our funds. We thought we might want to include a sentence or two about sponsorships. Our initial thinking is that if an organization wants to be a sponsor, it can for that particular year. For example, if Placer Arts wants to donate money, it can, and it will be recognized for only that year’s events. However, their logo will not be on the billboard, posters, etc. Recognition will at the events only. Make sense?